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Really good sounds guys!! 🔥
Tom Enzy
Releases on Sony, Universal, Warner, Selected and many more!
I've already started using this pack! The presets go way further than just deep house, I can see myself using this in future projects! 🙌
Signed by Selected, NCS, Controversia and collabed with Alok
Cool sounds in this pack! 🔥
Releases on Spinnin Records, Sony Music, FHM, Selected and many more!

+175 Serum Presets

A perfect selection of Serum presets designed especially for the genre.

LD - Scene

LD - Fanatical

LD - Ascend

CH - Memory

CH - Bone

BS - Women

25 Vital Presets

Quality presets for the Free VST Vital.

BS - Box

BS - Wine

LD - Flash

CH - Light

BS - Reecess

LD - Circle

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10 Guitar Loops

Value $37

Get 10 unique guitar loops to spark your creativity with song starter loops.

Selecter Vol 2 - Guitar 01 124BPM Amin

Selecter Vol 2 - Guitar 03 124BPM Bmin

Selecter Vol 2 - Guitar 06 124BPM Cmin


10 Atmosphere Sounds

Value $17

Drag-and-drop atmosphere sounds to add fullness to your tracks with just few clicks.

Selecter Vol 2 - Atmosphere 02 Bmin

Selecter Vol 2 - Atmosphere 06 Amin

Selecter Vol 2 - Atmosphere 08 C#min


16 Melody Loops

Value $17

Keep your ideas flowing and finish more music with 16 Melody Loops to start your songs. These include its MIDI files.

Selecter Vol 2 - Melody Loop 01 Amin

Selecter Vol 2 - Melody Loop 03 Fmin

Selecter Vol 2 - Melody Loop 04 Fmin

Selecter Vol 2 - Melody Loop 06 A#min

Selecter Vol 2 - Melody Loop 09 C#min

Selecter Vol 2 - Melody Loop 11 G#min


30 One Shots

Value $17

With your order you'll also get 30 Vocal, Synth and Bass Shots to get even more sounds with this bundle.

Selecter V2 - Vocal Shot 01 A

Selecter V2 - Synth Shot 04 F

Selecter V2 - Bass Shot 02 A#

Selecter V2 - Vocal Shot 10 A#min

Selecter V2 - Synth Shot 08 A#

Selecter V2 - Bass Shot 09 D#

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Total Value $216

Get +266 Sounds & Presets With Free Bonuses Today For
1 Single Payment Of: $137 $39

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This is the secret...

Years ago, we were struggling with the same as you probably do…

❌ Making your tracks sound industry-standard quality

❌ Getting signed by labels

❌ Getting the streams and recognition you want

Then, we found our breakthrough point: It’s all about the sounds you use.

That’s it, it’s not about fancy gear, 50-years of expertise engineer, or stuff like that. It’s just about using the right quality sounds.

So we decided to create Ofive with actually valuable sounds that are helping thousands of producers get signed!

So, what's next?

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Our Samples Are Trusted by Over 100,000 Producers!

Cool packs! The stabs and one-shots are especially unique and unlike anything else on the market right now 🔑
Producer, signed by STMPD, Hexagon, Future House, and more.
Impressive pack! 🔥 It's full of ready-to-use samples, a great variety of presets and very well structured, we'll use it in future productions! Great pack guys! 👏🔝
Jack & James
Signed by STMPD, Revealed, Sony Music, FHM, Spinnin Records and more!
Ofive's sounds are one of the best, in the game. They’re definitely a recommendation!
Pine Music
Producer's Instagram channel with more than +65k followers

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Total Value $478

Get +575 Sounds & Presets With Free Bonuses Today For
1 Single Payment Of: $287 $37

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Quality and Unique sounds...

So you'll sound different than everyone else which means, you'll greatly increase the chances of getting signed.

Selected for the genre...

So you don't have to spend hours searching for the right sound which means, youn won't get frustrated and you'll make great music!

Variety of sounds...

So you can get inspired instantly, which means you won't get frustrated and you'll get excited to finish more music.

Drag-and-drop sounds...

So you can produce faster than ever, which means you can release more music and get more fans and the recognition you deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

In the checkout page we ask you to write your email. After the purchase is completed you will instantly receive a confirmation email with the download link.

Yes! All of our sounds are 100% royalty free so you can use them in your next productions without worrying about legal issues.

Some of the bonuses might be deleted and the price is subject to being raised at any time.

No! We genuinely want to help other producers because we would have loved to see a deal like this when we were starting (or even at an advanced level!). Transparently we show you everything you will get with demos so you can have an idea of what you are buying. Signed producers are using them so it’s a market-tested product that will improve your music!

At the moment we are affiliated with PayPal. You can pay with both options, PayPal balance and credit cards in the PayPal platform.

In order to use the Serum presets properly, you need version 1.351 or higher.

In order to use the Sylenth1 presets properly, you need version 3.067 or higher.

In order to use the Spire presets properly, you need version 1.5.3 or higher.

In order to use the Vital presets properly, you need version 1.0.7 or higher.

When you purchase a project file, we will send you the download link with a folder. That folder includes both, the FL Studio project and the Ableton Live project.

We usually use some 3rd party plugins in our project files so you might don’t have all the plugins that we use.

The 3rd party plugins that we usually use are: OTT, CamelCrusher, FabFilter Pro Q3, Decapitator, Serum, Sylenth1, FabFilter Saturn 2 and more.

Apart from Serum and Sylenth1, the plugins we use don’t usually have a major impact in the track as we already use quality sounds.

We will always include a folder with all the stems so you can have all the sounds of the project file.

Trusted by companies such as

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