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"Get Unlimited Ideas & Finish More Music, With +1000 Pro-Level MIDI Chords & Melodies"

No More Producer Block, No Music Theory, Struggle Or Pain - Drag & Drop Files

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Incredible. The quality of each Ofive sound is impressive and is undoubtedly a great support for the creative process. I will surely use it in my productions! 🔥Have a good trip 🧑‍🚀🚀
Viral Producer | +150M Streams
Man! Didn't expect the chords to have melodies too! 500 MIDIs with 500 catchy chords + melodies and not some boring chords. This is an awesome pack for producers who want to get inspired by new melodies and also for getting out of creative blocks. Good job, Ofive Sounds. Ya'll never disappoint!
Music Production Instagram Influencer | +55k Followers
The best pack pack I've been able to try for my productions! It's amazing how it's full of quality and unique melodies, too recommended and I'm sure I'll use it in my songs! ❤️‍🔥🙏🏻
Groover Records/ Deep House Natural / Bump N’ Grind / PLTNM/ Storm

So, What's the #1 secret for making a hit song?

Most producers think it’s:

❌ Fancy studio equipment

❌ Special mixing & mastering techniques

Contacts in the industry

But the real secret to making a hit song is having a single, pro-level chord progression or melody.

That’s why if you think of big EDM hits you find songs such as:

“Levels” by Avicii, “In The Name Of Love” by Martin Garrix, “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta or “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia…

The melodies and chord progressions get stuck in your head after a single listen. Which means without a pro-level melody/chord progression, your chances of making a hit are slim to none.

So How Do You Make Pro-Level Chords & melodies?

The problem is that when you’re not an establish producer, you get stuck in a loop, you struggle to make shitty melodies and you can’t be motivated because of the pain you feel…

I’VE BEEN THERE, believe me… Till I asked an establish producer friend who played at Ultra Europe, and he told me:

“In a music career you have to be a melody maker, sound designer, mixing & mastering engineer, graphic designer, dj, social media manager, promoter and so on…

…but I don’t see Mark Zukerberg programming Facebook, creating algorithms, being a graphic designer or even in the marketing department… not even when they started!”

There’s no enough room for everything…

So I thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to have unlimited ideas? Like a superpower!

Just some chords and melodies to start a song, keep the inspiration flowing and finish more music so I can get better. I don’t HAVE to use them, but I can edit or learn from them if I want.



So after working with 7 different-style producers from around the world I’m proud to introduce you the Ofive EDM MIDI Pack.

It’s your ultimate resource to:

✅ Get Unlimited Ideas

✅ Avoid producer’s block and getting stuck in a loop

✅ Finish more music with pro-level melodies/chords – No music theory needed!

Which means you’ll finish more music, sign record deals and get the recognition you deserve.

500 MIDI Chords & Melodies that you can easily drag & drop straight into your project, and create Pro-level songs instatly.

Plus, you can play all of them with any sound, it’s made for any EDM genre, works on any DAW and it’s compatible with both, Mac & PC.

Hear Some Of The MIDIs You'll Be Getting Today...

EDM MIDI Pack - 001 G# min

EDM MIDI Pack - 002 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 052 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 401 G# Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 005 C# Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 334 D min

EDM MIDI Pack - 008 D min

EDM MIDI Pack - 035 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 407 A# min

EDM MIDI Pack - 043 F# Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 146 D# min

EDM MIDI Pack - 090 G min

Drag & Drop

Get instant inspiration and finish more tracks quickly with over 500 drag & drop MIDI files.

Key Labeled

Keep your ideas flowing with key labeled sounds so you don't get stuck in a loop.

100% Royalty-Free

All of our MIDI Chords & Melodies are 100% royalty-free.

Here's What You'll Get Inside The Ofive EDM MIDI Pack:

Listen To Songs Created With Ofive’s EDM MIDI Pack

Plus, get 3 free bonuses if you order now...


Ofive EDM Chord Pack

Value $87

An extension with 500 Extra MIDI Chord progressions for all EDM genres. Drag & Drop ready to be downloaded and used by you when you complete the order. These are 100% royalty free, compatible with all DAWs and you can use them with any sound you want.


Crash Course: Become A PRO, The Fastest Way

Value $67

Find a crash course "How To Become A Pro: The Fastest Way". It's a video course given by The X Guy. Follow the exact strategy that will guide you to a professional sound fast.


Music Theory for EDM Producers

Value $47

This is a 17-pages pdf that covers the most important you should know about music theory going from scales and their formulas, types of chords and how to make them and an easy guide of how to make unique and beautiful chord progressions.

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Cool packs! The sounds are especially unique and unlike anything else on the market right now 🔑
Producer, signed by STMPD, Hexagon, Future House, and more.
Impressive packs! 🔥 They're full of ready-to-use samples, a great variety of presets and very well structured, we'll use it in future productions! Great pack guys! 👏🔝
Jack & James
Signed by STMPD, Revealed, Sony Music, FHM, Spinnin Records and more!
Really good and quality sounds! Love the presets too. Definitely using them for my upcoming productions!🔥😎
Producer, signed by Hexagon, Future House Music, MixMash, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the checkout page we ask you to write your email. After the purchase is completed you will instantly receive a confirmation email with the download link. It’s literally 2 minutes from now.

Yes! All of our sounds and MIDIs are 100% royalty free so you can use them in your next productions without worrying about legal issues.

The bonuses might be deleted and the price is subject to being raised at any time. There’s nothing Ofive’s team can do if this happens.

No! We genuinely want to help other producers because we would have loved to see a deal like this when we were starting (or even at an advanced level!). Transparently, we show you everything you’ll get with demos so you can have an idea of what you are buying. Signed producers are using them so it’s a market-tested product that will improve your music!

You can pay with both options, PayPal and credit/debit cards in the Stripe platform. We do not store your data as these are 3rd party secure platforms.

Nope. All you need is your DAW such as Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Studio One, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Garage Band, Cakewalk, Mixcraft & all others.

The MIDI files work with and are playable by any virtual software instrument such as Serum, Massive, Sylenth1, Kontakt & all others. It’s both Mac & PC compatible and no installation is required.

When you purchase a project file, we will send you the download link with a folder. That folder includes both, the FL Studio project and the Ableton Live project.

We usually use some 3rd party plugins in our project files so you might don’t have all the plugins that we use.

The 3rd party plugins that we usually use are: OTT, CamelCrusher, FabFilter Pro Q3, Decapitator, Serum, Sylenth1, FabFilter Saturn 2 and more.

Apart from Serum and Sylenth1, the plugins we use don’t usually have a major impact in the track as we already use quality sounds.

We will always include a folder with all the stems so you can have all the sounds of the project file.

Hear Them In Action!


EDM MIDI Pack - 002 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 052 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 005 C# Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 061 A Maj


EDM MIDI Pack - 002 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 052 A Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 005 C# Maj

EDM MIDI Pack - 061 A Maj

Get the Ofive EDM MIDI Pack for 60% Off + Bonuses Now


Secure checkout. We count with a SSL verification so we do not save any information and we process payments through the secure platforms of PayPal and Stripe.

Trusted by companies such as...

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