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Modern Bass House

Modern Bass House

STMPD Style Pack

Modern bass house has been one of the most popular genres for 2 years and it’s still hitting hard.

Artists like Seth Hills & Julian Jordan created a ton of bangers that were released on STMPD RCRDS, the Martin Garrix’s label.

This pack is inspired in producers like Julian Jordan, Loopers, Seth Hills, TV Noise and more Modern Bass House producers signed on STMPD RCRDS.


Free STMPD Sample Pack

Ready to use


STMPD Style - Kick 09

STMPD Style - Fill 02 126bpm

STMPD Style - Impact 06

STMPD Style - Clap 02

STMPD Style - One Shot 12 D

STMPD Style - Impact 02 E

STMPD Style - Snare 08

STMPD Style - One Shot 09 D#

STMPD Style - Vocal 03

STMPD Style - Fill 01 126bpm

STMPD Style - One Shot 04 F

STMPD Style - Vocal 10

Quality Presets

For Serum and Spire


Spire - BASS 03

Serum - Dirty Wub

Spire - BASS 09

Serum - Growl 1

Spire - PLUCK 11

Serum - Woo

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