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Modern Bass House Bundle

The BEST Bass House Sounds.

Bang House is the new Bass House sample pack inspired by STMPD artists like Seth Hills, Julian Jordan, and many more.

It has a perfect selection of sounds to fit perfectly with the modern style of Bass House.

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STMPD Style Sample pack

What SIGNED producers say about Bang House...

Really good and quality sounds! Love the presets too. Definitely using them for my upcoming productions!🔥😎
Producer, signed by Hexagon, Future House Music, MixMash, and more.
These sounds is a must have for any producer. You'll find high quality samples and presets that will take your tracks to the next level!
Producer, signed by Revealed Main, Spinnin Records, and more.
Cool packs! The stabs and one-shots are especially unique and unlike anything else on the market right now 🔑
Producer, signed by STMPD, Hexagon, Future House, and more.

Get the right sounds and presets...

160 Samples

Drag-and-drop quality sounds designed to produce faster than ever

Bass House Sample Pack

Bang House - Kick 07

Bang House - Drum Loop 02

Bang House - Fill 15

Bang House - Kick 13

Bang House - Drum Loop 06

Bang House - Fill 01 G

Bang House - Clap 19

Bang House - Tom 17

Bang House - Fill 19

203 Presets

A perfect selection of presets designed especially for the genre and for Serum and Sylenth 1

LD - Curbi

BA - Reese Way Dirty

LD - Million

PL - Dirty Shot

BA - Sick Bass

LD - 100% Madness


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Vocal Sample Pack

Bang House - Vocal 01

Bang House - Vocal 21 Got It

Bang House - Vocal 05 F#m

Bang House - Vocal 31 Let's Let's GO

Bang House - Vocal 07 Let's Go

Bang House - Vocal 33 Sexy

33 Vocals |

Get the vocal's pack for free which include 33 unique vocal shouts and phrases to use in your productions

Bang House - One Shot 13 G#

Bang House - Stab 14

Bang House - Stab 20 C

Bang House - Stab 05 G

Bang House - Stab 08 G#

Bang House - Stab 22

Stabs & One Shot Sample Pack

35 original stabs & one-shots for making your drops and breaks even more interesting. It Includes bass and synth shots.

| 35 One Shots

FX Sample Pack

Bang House - Impact 06 D#

Bang House - Atm 12 E

Bang House - Impact 09

Bang House - Tonal FX 14 E

Bang House - Atm 05 E

Slap Move - Kick 02

60 FX |

Make your track more interesting by using fx. In this pack, you can find uplifters, impacts, tonal fx, atmosphere & white noise sounds.

Melody Loop 01 CMaj

Melody Loop 13 FMaj

Melody Loop 04 Amin

Melody Loop 14 Bmin

Melody Loop 08 CMaj

Melody Loop 15 FMaj

Bass House Melody Loop Pack

Expand your creativity with quality pre-made melody loops to use on your next idea.

| 15 Melody Loops

Definitely, most of these samples will be useful in my productions from now on. I really like the Serum presets from the packs! 🔥
Sebastian Mateo
Producer, signed by Revealed, Zero Cool, Actuation and more
Sick job from the guys! Fully recommended for any kind of producer. These sounds have an authentic and professional sound quality!
Producer, signed by Revealed Main
Such an Epic Pack. The Stabs & Vocals are my most favorites. Will definitely be using them in my future tracks!
Producer, signed by Revealed, Spinnin, Smash The House, and more.

This is Everything you will get inside BANG HOUSE

STMPD Style Sample pack

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Get 303 Samples & 203 Presets right now for only

So, WHY did we create this?

Along our journey in music production and with over 7 years of experience, we found one of the BIG KEYS to make professional music.

You need the right sounds.

Nowadays, it’s not about the gear or the mixing/mastering skills. It’s all about using the right sounds for the specific track.

How many times did you get frustrated searching for the right kick? How much time did you lose tweaking and trying to find the right preset?

That’s the problem that we wanted to solve with our products.

And we are doing it…

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And, What’s Next?

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Then you can download them and start making those bangers with this amazing bundle!

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So don’t be surprised if you visit the next time and the price is higher.

Did you hear the quote ‘Work smart instead of working hard’?

This is where the intelligence comes and then you won’t have to work hard to find the right samples.

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This is Everything you will get inside BANG HOUSE

STMPD Style Sample pack

Total Value:


Get 303 Samples & 203 Presets right now for only

This pack is amazing! I tried to make a few drops and the result was fantastic. It has a lot of well-processed presets. It is definitely a pack that I recommend and I will use in my next productions 💯
Producer, signed by Revealed and supported by artists such as Martin Garrix, KSHMR, W&W, and more.
This pack is all you need to make your next bass house banger 🙌🏻🔥🔥
Music Producers channel with more than 35k Followers
If you wanna make bangers tracks, you need this Sample Pack! Bang House is really sick!
Producer, signed by Smath The House, Zero Cool, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

In the checkout page we ask you to write your email. After the purchase is completed you will instantly receive a confirmation email with the download link.

Yes! All of our sounds are 100% royalty free so you can use them in your next productions without worrying about legal issues.

At the moment we are affiliated with PayPal. You can pay with both options, PayPal balance and credit cards in the PayPal platform.

In order to use the Serum presets properly, you need version 1.334 or higher.

In order to use the Sylenth1 presets properly, you need version 3.067 or higher.

In order to use the Spire presets properly, you need version 1.5.3 or higher.

In order to use the Vital presets properly, you need version 1.0.7 or higher.

When you purchase a project file, we will send you the download link with a folder. That folder includes both, the FL Studio project and the Ableton Live project.

In order to use the FL Studio projects properly, you need version 20.7.2 or higher.

In order to use the Ableton Live projects properly, you need version 11.0 or higher.

We usually use some 3rd party plugins in our project files so you might don’t have all the plugins that we use.

The 3rd party plugins that we usually use are: OTT, CamelCrusher, FabFilter Pro Q3, Transient Master, Serum, Sylenth1, Spire and more.

We will always include a folder with all the stems so you can always have all the sounds of the project file.