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And 3 extra SECRETS about music production!


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Our Story.

Ofive’s story starts in 2019 on YouTube, just posting FLPs and ALSs. And from there to today, we have collabed with brands such as Slate Digital, Unison Audio, Reveal Sound, W.A. Production, Dada Life, NoFace Records, Abletunes, and much more.

But wait, we aren’t machines. Behind this brand, there is a team of electronic music production lovers who discovered this world when the magician Avicii was releasing one of his best hits called ‘Levels’.

That song changed my life. I discovered a new type of music and the best thing is that I loved it!

In the next months, I would spend a lot of my time searching and digging on the internet for more songs that would love. I started to think about how they do that. How they make those tracks? those emotions without even use a vocal? those weird but catchy sounds? And after some research, I found FL Studio.

I will be honest, it was hard to learn to use it. But for some reason and without even knowing, I fell in love.

Actually, that’s the most important part of Ofive’s story, the beginning.

So to make a long story short, after years of working, practicing, learning, take hundred of classes, and reading a lot, we got the experience we needed to start this brand.

Ofive’s born at the end of 2019 with just project files that we used to make to ‘practice’.

After some months Ofive grew a lot and we started thinking of building a team.

In January 2020, we released our best-seller (and favorite project!) ‘How to Illenium’ project file. You gave massive support on this one!

So then, we started thinking of opening an Instagram account and posting every single day tips for producers who were in the same place when we started.

On the day of this writing is almost 1 year of the launch of that Instagram account and for over a year, we posted every single day tips and tutorials to help and support all the music producers out there.

We want to make your journey easier than ours so although you have more than 365 tips and tutorials on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, here you have 3 massive secrets that will help you a lot and you have to keep in mind:

  • SECRET #1: Don’t pressure yourself. Is the worst thing you can do. I used to do that and nothing come from my mind to the DAW.
  • SECRET #2: You don’t need to know everything! Stop thinking that you have to know everything about melodies and chords and how to play an instrument or sing, and to be the best sound designer!
  • SECRET #3: This is the key of your productions and that’s why we repeat it a lot, the key is the sound selection. And that’s why we create this whole brand! to help you to find the right samples for your genre or your style. 

If you start your sound with the right sounds and you always use the right ones, trust me, mixing is not a big deal. Of course, you need some skills to create a great track, but if you have been producing for some years and you have enough experience, keep this in mind.

It's all about using the right sounds.