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The 21 Future Bounce Secrets That Can

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The BEST tricks Top Producers like Brooks, Mike Williams and Mesto do that are STOPPING YOU from getting the PRO Sound...

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This Is Your Problem...

(I’m not saying that your music is not good but maybe if you compare yourself with top producers you can hear some differences, right?)

So you probably tried to make Future Bounce but you can’t get the level you wish.

You’re asking yourself what are the pro’s secrets and what does your track need… 😤

…maybe you watched tons of tutorials and downloaded a lot of project files but something is missing…

All of this comes to frustration and demotivation, and if you don’t fix it… 😰

⚠ You're closer to QUIT music.

Believe me, I know that feeling…

I used to feel the same when I started, but after 9 years in the music industry and making probably the best Future Bounce Sample Pack out there (supported by signed/big producers)…

I’ve found the secrets that any pro does that can change your music by 100%.‼

Hey, I'm The X Guy!

Music producer, and Ofive. member.

After producing, composing, designing, mixing, and mastering hundreds of tracks in different styles, I learned a couple of things that can be useful for you…

To be completely honest… Most producers got it wrong.

❌ It’s NOT enough to have a cool melody

❌ It’s NOT enough to layer interesting sounds

❌ It’s NOT enough to produce an average Future Bounce track

So what is it?

In a world of MILLIONS of competition for the same, you have to work on the details…

I studied the big producers: Brooks, Mike Williams, Mesto, and more…

and with my 9 years of experience in the industry, I collected the 21 Future Bounce secrets that professional artists do that can improve your song by 100%.

So let me show them to you!

hey, this is how i look like

This is what you'll learn...

These are some of the Secrets…

✅  Secret #14: Brook’s Secret

The exact trick that helped Brooks to find his signature sound with his catchy and unique melodies and how you can use this trick to create your own signature sound.

✅  Secret #16: Mike William’s Secret

How he created a signature sound with a simple technique that everybody can copy without sounding like Mike William’s copy.

✅  Secret #20: Vocal Presence

An unknown trick that will add extra space, and more presence to the vocal without getting a headache while you are mixing sounds in order to make space for it.

Trusted by companies such as...

What's Inside The 21 Future Bounce Secrets Bundle?

This Bundle Includes:

21 Future Bounce Secrets Video Course (value $127)

In-depth video showing and detailing in different ways each of the secrets and tricks. You’ll get recommendations for your productions too.

✅ 21 Future Bounce Secrets eBook (value $67)

A written guide explaining the most important aspects of Future Bounce and a detailed guide of the mentioned Secrets.

👇 And Get All of This Completely FREE With Your Order 👇

Future Bounce Mixing Masterclass (value $119)

Get a completely Future Bounce Mixing masterclass for Free with your order. You’ll see how to mix a project file from scratch and how you can apply this to your productions. You’ll also see a simple mastering for a well-mixed track.

Mesto Style Project File For FL Studio & Ableton Live (value $47)

Do you want to get more sounds and instant inspiration for your productions? We’ll give you the project file of the masterclass for Free with your order!

Future Bounce Secrets Checklist (value $5)

You’ll also get a 2-page checklist with all the secrets of the course so you can mark them on your next Future Bounce production to not forget.

Common Concepts In Music Production You Should Know (value $17)

A simple guide of some of the most common concepts in music production that every producer should know with a brief explanation of what it is.

✅ Shout-Out On Social Media Gift Card (value $49)

With this, we’ll give you a shout-out on our social media that can help you spread the world a little more to promote your career or a specific song.

Pro-Feedback Gift Card (value $37)

You’ll get complete feedback on one project with this gift card. From all the aspects that are needed on the track: Sound selection, arrangement, mixing, mastering…

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Here’s Everything you will get inside The 21 Future Bounce Secrets

21 Secrets bundle

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*DISCLAIMER: This is the launch offer, just on this page. Then the price goes to $67.*

Here's The Truth:

Listen, the first thing you need in order to…

✅ Getting Signed by Labels

✅ Getting Supported by Big Artists

✅ Grow Your Fanbase

is good music!

You can settle with what you have now and keep doing your music or…

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– The X Guy

Here’s Everything you will get inside The 21 Future Bounce Secrets

21 Secrets bundle

Total Value:


Improve Your Music Right Now For Only:


*DISCLAIMER: This is the launch offer, just on this page. Then the price goes to $67.*

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